Endless passion for products 

Career summary

Full Stack software engineer with strong strategic planning and requirements definition skills for product management, and a track record of delivering high-value products in diverse development environments - from startups to enterprises - including significant contributions to fundraising efforts for a startup.

In his over seven year's career as a product manager and software engineer, Shuya found his passion in creating products that help people through creating web apps and working closely together with Product and Design experts.

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  • Full-stack Developer @LIFULL

    April 2021 - March 2023 | Tokyo, Japan

    As a software developer, I have extensively worked on development across infrastructure, backend, and frontend domains. In the infrastructure realm, I achieved cost-cutting measures utilizing AWS and implemented batch processing. On the backend, I developed robust and scalable REST APIs using Go and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, on the frontend, I utilized React and Vue to provide diverse interfaces and user experiences.

  • Software Developer, Freelance @habitat

    June 2022 - March 2023 | Tokyo, Japan

    Developed a customer dashboard for a hot tub reservation application using Go, GraphQL, Datastore, and AppEngine, while automating the modification of past data after adding new functions through batch implementation. Implemented a sorting function based on the user's location using the Google Geolocation API and created a refund function using Stripe.

  • Full-stack Developer / Product Manager, Freelance @moja

    April 2020 - May 2022 | Tokyo, Japan

    As the second employee of the company, I collaborated with the founder to conceptualize and plan the product from scratch. I played a crucial role in hiring engineers and overseeing the product's release. Additionally, I led presentations for fundraising, securing funding of 135 million yen, and contributed to the expansion of both the team and the product. While primarily serving as a product manager, I also actively participated in product development using Go and GraphQL.

  • Product Manager @CyberAgent

    April 2017 - March 2021 | Tokyo, Japan

    Although I initially began my career in sales for a brief period, I transitioned to the role of a product director, collaborating closely with software developers to enhance our products. As a non-engineering product manager, my responsibilities encompassed ensuring the success of the product by defining requirements and guiding software developers to effectively deliver value to our customers. Throughout this journey, I cultivated my product analytical skills by utilizing SQL and developed a system using JavaScript to streamline and automate our daily routines, eliminating repetitive tasks.


  • Web and Mobile App Development Diploma, Computer Science

    May 2023 - CURRENT | Cornerstone International Community College of Canada | Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Relevant courses included computer science such as algorithm and data structure, and web development using React.js , Node.js, TypeScript

  • Bachelor of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences

    April 2013 - March 2017 | Kyushu University | Tokyo, Japan

    Fostered analytical skills using R